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Dr. Williams exposes quality sources for high-quality vitamins, supplements, foods, and meal alternatives to promote healthy living and weight loss.

Being Well at Hillcrest

Visit our online store,, for access to Bariatrix, ProtiDiet, Vitalabs, Control-Bar, DaVinci Labs, and Being Well at Hillcrest brand for well-being and weight loss. Find out about great food source vitamins, highly pure and easy to take Omega-3s, probiotics, organic foods, alternatives snacks for weight loss/maintenance, and more.

Dr. Williams has extensive knowledge and years of practical experience in running her own Bariatrics and weight-loss and maintenance practice.

She is available for public speaking, media engagements peer review and physician practice consultation. She can help fellow physicians and physician groups grow their PECOs, Bariatrics and Diabesity Clinics. This is her special area of expertise. Board Certified by the American Board of Bariatric Physicians and by the American Board of Family Practice. She is a practicing Hospitalist consulting on all Bariatric In-Patients.

 Dr. Williams teaches her Bariatric patients to "eat to live," and to re-train their relationship with “food as medicine” – a means to preserve and improve health, not to fill emotional voids.

Her chronically ill patients have the benefit of a physician who will pursue all modes of therapy, investigate each treatment fully, and deliver advice based on evidence as well as pragmatic logic.

Dr. Williams is opposed to the all-too-common “eight-minute office visit,” and has therefore developed a niche where patients receive special care and attention seldom seen in the medical world. Being Well at Hillcrest is a growing collection of supportive products including diet products, meal replacement, and health-promoting vitamins and supplements recommended by Dr. Williams.

 The healthy body is an amazing organism. Dr. Williams studies daily to further her understanding of cellular biochemistry and gladly translates medical jargon into understandable information for her patients. She is also happy to act as an ombudsman to coordinate care in difficult medical cases where multiple physicians are involved.


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Choosing a health care provider is one of the most important decisions you can make. You want someone who is caring, knowledgeable, and accessible – someone willing take the time to go over all the options and treat you as a person, not just another patient.


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