Frances Williams MD, LLC

Products and Services

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

-Complete Bariatric Services (Metabolic Weight Loss)
-Biologically Identical Hormone Replacement
-Metabolic Syndrome
-Dietary and Nutritional Support
-Vitamin, Supplement and Probiotic Therapy
-Preventative Care
-Dermatological Procedures
-Consultations to Physicians and Bariatric Practice Groups
-In-Home Visits for the Elderly or Housebound
-Public Speaking Engagements
-Expert Medical Witness

Our extensive list of products recommended by Dr. Williams is available at Visit the "Articles" section for expert advice on how to choose and use these products.

Our collection of high-quality products by Bariatrix, ProtiDiet, DaVinci Labs, and Being Well at Hillcrest supplements complement Dr. Williams' medical practice. You can purchose these through our secure checkout at our online store. All shipments are made by UPS or USPS Mail with a variety of FREE shipping plans!

Control Bar and Control Snack products are available now!
Control Bar was designed to convert to blood sugar more slowly than any other product available, to help stabilize blood sugar levels for up to 9 hours. No other snack even comes close! Now there are four flavors of crisps and three flavors of shakes in the Control Snacks line.
For our patients who love the Control Bar and Control Snack products, we have arranged for you to take delivery of your products and have them shipped to your home. Please visit our Control Snacks collection by clicking this link.

Please e-mail us at to discuss any of the services or products you may be interested in.
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